Who is better Tesla or Edison? – Best Free Energy Device Commercially Available Definitions

When they look at how Tesla went about doing things, and how Edison did a lot of different things, there’s not that much difference. A lot of what Edison did, he really came up with things that no other inventor had thought of. And even though I know it may sound silly that I’m asking you this question, I’m sure Edison felt that way. If he thought that Edison was the inventor of electric light, then he was definitely wrong.

When I talk about the difference between Edison and Tesla, there are a really, really specific things I’m talking about, and there’s one other reason why Tesla and Edison have a lot in common. That is the fact that Tesla was a brilliant and accomplished inventor. And when I say brilliant, there’s that word again.

Think about the way that Edison used his inventions. He didn’t come up with the concept of the light bulb. You know, it’s not like he came up with the name or used his imagination. He actually put the concept into operation. He put all that together, and it actually worked. So Edison was an incredibly skilled inventor when it comes to his inventions. Just to mention a few, the motion picture camera that we have is a result of invention. We have the phonograph for sound, a very sophisticated mechanical device. It’s all from his own genius.

And the other side of the story, well, I have to talk about Edison because for me, the most important thing about Tesla is the fact that he’s brilliant. He’s not brilliant like Edison is, but he was brilliant. His inventions were really brilliant, and the fact that he went about doing them to perfection is probably what distinguishes him from the other inventors.

Tesla wasn’t the first to invent a radio receiver. Most inventors have come up with something else first, but not Tesla. He didn’t invent a microphone. He didn’t invent a television. He just brought them down from the heavens. That’s what gave him the kind of fame and a tremendous amount of money.

So, Edison is the classic definition of a genius. He was a genius in so many different fields that people would give him credit for all these accomplishments, but those accomplishments were not inventing the radio, television, etc. And Tesla, again, I won’t talk up his genius, but he worked on the electrical systems in which all of our electrical devices work.

He invented and developed the most accurate and beautiful machinery that the

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