How can I stop my electricity from being shut off? – Free Energy Scams Explained

If your electricity is not running properly then it could be due to a number of things:

an electrical fault in the circuit, including your electric meter.

this can be caused by an electrical fault in the equipment, equipment not keeping its voltage levels within specified limits. or a fault in the wiring.

there is smoke coming out of your oven

you may also see smoke when an alarm goes off. this might be caused by an electrical fault such as an out of phase electrical connection between the power system and the appliance.

the electrical system may seem to be turning at an off-set which is making that appliance’s power system appear to be on but it has no effect

your appliance may be on for too long or shut down completely for safety reasons. This is the common cause of appliance fire.

if the appliance is malfunctioning due to overheating, the heater’s heat tube, fuse and fuse panel may be malfunctioning so there is a danger of a short circuit in the wiring. This will cause an electric shock to the user and cause the heat tube to catch fire.

you may also see your electricity meter start to tick over time, which is caused by a failure of the fuse board.

What happens if my electric meter is not working properly?

If your electric meter is not working properly, the only solution is to fix the problem and have your electric supply returned to a state of optimum.

If this does not occur, then your only option is to call a third party to look for your electricity supply.

What does “on” mean on my electricity meter?

The term “on” means the equipment is turning on and the electricity has been sent through.

I may have experienced a short on a meter which can cause a short out effect in my home if it is not repaired before the short runs out.

This is known as a short circuit.

As an appliance is on it is able to detect this short by a high voltage in its circuits caused by the short out effect.

If you have short out on your meter, call the electric supplier as soon as possible.

I have not noticed this. does it cause electrical fires?

We do not recommend that you try to prevent or stop your electricity from being shut off, as there is no guarantee that any action will prevent the short out effect in being activated. You may need to check or change the wiring or fuse of

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