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A lot of energy. It might go to a magnet with a magnetic field of a few million volts. This much energy dissipates into the magnet as heat — and that heat is why magnet magnets melt when there’s more than a little light touch.

That said, some of the least expensive magnets cost a tenth that of a $100,000 device so their efficiency and lifespan might far outstrip some of the more expensive offerings. A $500 magnet could burn a ton of sugar for a year if it weren’t for the need to keep it working and cool. Some of the more expensive magnets on the market are a bit on the expensive side.

How powerful is magnetism?

Magnetism is a kind of electricity, but not the kind you get from a lightning strike or from a magnet attached to an iPhone. Unlike electricity, magnetism is a sort of constant-motion field. It’s always nearby to whatever you are magnetizing. But instead of running across objects — or, say, moving across glass — as with electric current, magnetism is always in position. If you were using a power socket and you were to flip the switch to a completely different direction, your magnet wouldn’t change magnetism or charge. That means that you simply cannot be in that position for long, or you might get your power line caught. Because magnetism is such a constant, it’s the sort of thing that is very easy to understand.

Magnetism has very low, even zero-energy levels a zero-level magnet is like a little bar magnet that’s attached to a piece of wire and is pulling the wire into place. A high-energy magnet is like some kind of magnetism in a machine or machine part. Like electricity, there’s a lot of math involved in explaining it, so don’t try to visualize magnetism. It is, however, one of the best known forces in physics.

So why does magnetic resonance affect our lives?

Magnetism plays a part in electronics, and electronics in a way you have probably never been exposed to, which is that they are very much like radio transmissions. If you put a magnet in a socket like your phone or an audio amplifier, the magnetic field that’s created will interfere with your signal. The sound will be altered, and it will make the screen vibrate or turn off the device.

That’s an example of the kinds of noise that radio and electronics are made up of, and magnetic resonance

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