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It is a device that can be used to provide a low or no cost, stable energy source for home.

It makes use of magnetic power with a low cost (less than $2.50 per month to a one-bedroom home) to generate and store electricity.

It uses batteries in the process of providing electricity without the use of electricity at high efficiency.

What are the benefits of this method over existing energy sources?

No water, no gas, very low maintenance.

What are some of the drawbacks?

It can’t work for very large applications such as homes.

How can people learn more about this system?

Visit http://www.freeenergy.org/about.shtml to find out more. Also see the following organizations or individuals for further information:

The Free Energy Foundation

Mighty Energy International Inc.

Sierra Club

Natural Resource Defense Council

What is the current status of this invention?

Mile-high power turbine

Mile-high water turbine

Dense high-voltage power transmission system

How does this invention compare to similar inventions in the past?

In the past, there was no energy source which could do the job for less than $50 per month. These new devices can be used to provide affordable solar, wind and hydro power, or used as a battery-based system to store renewable energy.

Is this device ready for production?

This prototype machine has already been manufactured by several companies worldwide. But this prototype is only one step in a much longer process – which consists of the creation of manufacturing and assembly plants around the world.

What will be the most cost-effective form of this system of devices?

We are very hopeful that by incorporating a variety of low-cost alternatives, including small and inexpensive devices, the total price will reach an affordable $2.00 per kilowatt hour.

There are many types of energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro. But what is the least cost method of generating the required amount of clean, affordable energy?

A low-cost device like the Mile-High-Power turbine is certainly one option. Although this system is intended for a small amount of energy, the system can also be used to provide a large amount of energy such as from geothermal.

What other resources would be used to create the energy?

The materials for constructing

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