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Simply apply heat through a high-temperature wire coil to the outside of the magnet. The heating causes the material in between the magnet and the coil to become liquid metal. To make a low-temperature magnet, you would use two magnets as a “sphere.” The “sphere” is placed between the magnets and held together by an adhesive on the other end of the magnet. You can see a diagram of a high-temperature coil coil here.

As you heat them to a high enough temperature, they will begin to fuse together with each other, forming a high-temp, low-temperature magnet. You can see a diagram of such a magnet here.

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The most common type of magnet is a low-temperature, high-voltage magnet. To make the high-voltage magnet, you need a wire mesh, as shown here.

Low-temperature magnets are more flexible because they have a lower resistance (which means less heat) and less mass. They are used for small-scale projects and for small repairs or replacements. The high-temperature magnetic fields created at these high voltages can have a range of negative values. For instance, negative 30 degree angle.

This magnetic field forms a magnetic field and the positive side of the magnet (the negative side) attracts to the other side of the magnet (the positive side). This can have a negative effect, causing damage to either magnetic material. They are used for projects like, “cutting through electrical wire” or “cutting in wood”. If you hold a magnet up to a piece of wood that is touching the opposite side, the magnet should pull back. Also if you press it into a glass of water, the water should drain away.

Low-temperature magnets can be used to protect small electronics, especially if you cut them for electronics. For example, some cheap plastic-covered parts can be damaged by exposure to high voltages. Some of these low-temperature magnets (or “dipsticks”) are made to be soldered to the chip. These will only work if a soldering iron is used, or if a current is applied between the two magnetic plates, as shown here.

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