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Basically it is a form of nitrogen that is more than 150 times pure. It is commonly used in fertilizers to increase the ratio of the two primary ingredients in a fertilizer and is often used in fertilizer blends to help the two primary ingredients work better together.

If you are an experienced beekeeper or plant biologist then you may be familiar with a variety of other nitrogen compounds known as nitriles, however they are usually more complex and not nearly as simple as Delta G.

Some nitriles have a high boiling point and are generally not a part of fertilizers. In fact most fertilizers are not based on any naturally occurring nitriles.

Most commonly Delta G is seen in manure and compost and this is the form that is used most often today. A mixture of 2 parts water and 2 parts of fertilizers.

If this is the answer, how do we get it to give us the fertilizer we want? Simple, we use it as a base supplement for organic solutions. These organic solutions are then mixed with 2 parts air and a few drops of your favorite plant rehydrating powder. You can also add a few crushed seeds or berries. These nutrients can be stored in a sealed container for weeks to months in the dark.

If you do NOT want to add the air or any other additional ingredients then just add the plants, soil and fertilizer as you would when you are in a garden.

Delta G can be extracted from the soil with a few simple dilutes.

If you would like a more detailed explanation of the benefits of adding Delta G to organic fertilizers then give this book one read.

If you are an intermediate to advanced gardener then I would suggest that you experiment with a few different compost piles.

Once you begin to use some of the compost and your plants are thriving, you will wonder why they don’t grow more. By increasing the amount of air in the compost, you can increase the concentration of fertilizers in your soil and increase your productivity.

The final step in getting the fertilizer you want is to take it out of the garden, soak it in your water and bring it home.
Chemical Equilibrium: Standard State Gibbs Free Energy ...

The soil will absorb more than the chemical fertilizer does.

If you are a home gardener do you know how to properly dispose of waste that is in your garden?

Yes, I do!

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