How do we get energy from water? – Nikola Tesla Free Energy Technology Repressed Memory Symptoms

“Water is mostly water vapor. We convert water vapor into electricity just like you would an electric current,” said Andrew Hildebrandt, a Ph.D. student in Physics at the University of Kentucky.

“This is pretty impressive, and we were pretty surprised,” said Dr. J. Craig Venter, CEO of the Human Genome Project. “If you think for a moment what it would take to convert water vapor into electricity for humans – or the next generation of humans – it’s mind-boggling.”

And it is mind-boggling if you think about the vast supply of fossil fuel fossil fuels, and the current climate changes.

“We don’t know what happened,” Hildebrandt said. “Some of the climate models are way too low.”

It’s one thing for scientists to say that we need to stop burning water. In the end, it’s up to us to stop consuming water.

“I am optimistic that we will be able to bring about a huge reduction of human water usage,” Venter said, “or I think we are not going to see a world as wet as we have today unless we can get people to stop consuming water, using it for everything.”

The U.S. Department of Treasury has fined Google over an $18,000 fine for violating federal net neutrality regulations by not providing equal opportunities for all websites.

The decision applies to the entire Google (s goog) network and will likely make other big internet companies look to the government for help.

“The Department is imposing this penalty in its entirety because the lack of an equal opportunity policy for both video and data led to discrimination of this traffic,” U.S. Treasurer Philip Baert said. “Google’s discriminatory practice of refusing to sell video from its Android app to mobile video providers caused more than 200,000 people to fall out of compliance with the Act by 2014 alone and made Google the target of multiple claims for failing to obey the requirements of the Act.”

Google had denied any wrongdoing, and the Treasury Department said the company “will work closely with the Department on our obligations under the Act and may appeal.”

In a statement the company said it stands by its practices that were legal in the first place.

“Despite efforts by some media outlets to politicize and exploit the situation, the facts remain unchanged,” the statement said. The company said it would take action if necessary to ensure the laws have been properly

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