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[11:02:12 PM] “if one part of the system is not functioning properly.” [11:02:26 PM] yeah I can understand there being a lot of issues within the economy but that’s exactly the problem. The one thing that will help will be if more people will start using it. [11:02:30 PM] if it’s not there to begin with [11:02:45 PM] I wonder then, if it really needs to increase the market cap [11:03:04 PM] yea it does [11:03:11 PM] so the whole point of a decentralized currency is that there is no real economic incentive to use it because the market cap is still just that of a fiat currency [11:03:43 PM] NYSTLSportsFan wins the round. The next round will begin in 8 seconds. [11:03:53 PM] yeah i get that if its more for the community [11:04:05 PM] Then, yes. [11:04:07 PM] yeah but if its not there, its worthless [11:04:17 PM] Also, that would explain the lack of “official” accounts. [11:04:19 PM] I’m not sure either. [11:04:28 PM] well, we could also think of this as a “pay to pump” system [11:04:33 PM] Right [11:05:11 PM] there’s not enough money in the system to give the people much incentive to pay to pump it [11:05:27 PM] I’d like the next round to go to those more concerned with the long-term success of the network. [11:05:33 PM] you say that, but I don’t have that much “money” in the system I am referring to [11:05:42 PM] well if you are talking about a pyramid scheme, then yes i think we agree [11:05:46 PM]
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