Is free energy possible Tesla? – Free Energy Device With Magnets

You could always just build an atomic bomb to hit a planet by Tesla. Or you could have to get the Tesla coil technology from NASA.

What else is Tesla interested in?

He created a device in 1917 that can convert light into electricity. He also created a device to generate and store energy from radio waves in 1924. I guess in the future there will be a device that can turn the radio waves into electricity to be converted into a large amount of clean electricity! This would probably become as ubiquitous as cell phones or radios.

In the future there may be technology to tap the power of the human brain and use it as a generator of clean energy.

What is one of the big issues facing us in our modern world?

We are facing a tremendous amount of environmental issues. These may include pollution of waterways, the environment of the air and water. Many of us have become complacent about all this. The big issue is the amount of energy we are being asked to use everyday.

One of the big advantages of a clean energy future is that with clean energy energy, the pollution problem of coal fired electricity will go away. This means we’re no longer using the most dangerous waste products to produce power.

In my opinion, the second biggest issue facing humanity now lies in the amount of waste produced by modern societies. With the amount of waste produced in one year, it’s estimated that each one of us will produce over 50 tons of wasted product by the year 2050.

This includes things like food, clothing, and household products. All of these are produced by a human, because humans are the largest land users. Humans produce about 60 billion tons of waste a year. Even this waste won’t be recycled and it will pollute all our groundwater and all our air as it enters and exits the air.

Another waste that humans produce are chemical wastes. Chemtrails are the name given to the large amounts of chemicals released by airplanes and other planes, which are being sprayed over western lands.

With the large amount of waste produced, there will be the need to take these chemicals and process them to a much greater degree in order to remove them from the air, water and earth’s surface.

One of the biggest issues of our times can be summed up as the pollution of air and water, which will be so pervasive in the coming years that it will become a large part of our daily life.

What is the future of our planet?

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