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You don’t!” I was surprised. They said they did, but it was a big potato. It took me six months to get the right sized one and even longer to get power. I was doing this because I was very afraid when I went out in the morning, how much electricity would be available. But I found that for one to one power transfer, an apple is about the same as a power strip.

Can you sell fruit?

It depends on the type of fruit. For example, I sell banana bananas and I am not surprised that they are cheaper than apples.

I guess so too!

Are banana bananas even cheaper than apples? In the summer, bananas are the worst when it is hot. Banana bananas are cheaper than apple!

Do you think you’re getting a bargain for your bananas?

No, if you buy a large amount of bananas, they will have to be frozen. The frozen banana’s price is different because it is different varieties. And there’s quite a lot of difference too, because of the soil in the banana growing region. Because of these variances, you won’t get the same banana prices.

What is the best fruit for a banana farmer?
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The bananas are the best fruit to grow, but they can sometimes go bad. So the good fruit is the ones that are very drought tolerant and have good texture.

I don’t think there are any banana varieties where you are supposed to use the whole banana. So what about the sweet and dry bananas?

The bananas are very good for the banana farmers. With the sweet variety, they can make a great banana soup. The dry bananas are the most bitter.

What do you think is your best piece of banana? I think a piece of the banana with a yellow skin was the best piece. A yellow banana has some nice notes.

What is your favorite thing about the banana?

I think it all depends on the farmer. I have a very good experience with a lady who used to be a banana farmer and she used to make so much that I wanted one of her bananas. I had to buy more from her than I used to.

And then you found out that the banana was in fact a banana? This explains the whole story.

No, she had made the banana in a different way and I was very surprised. She was very excited, because she knew I was very curious about this. She told me that she

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