What is Delta G in chemistry? – Free Energy Principle For Dummies

Delta G stands for “Delta Heat.” It is an acronym which stands for “Delta Heat, Relative Gravity.”

When you’re dealing with the stuff that makes the stars in the sky shine we say that we are really talking about “Delta G”.

What does this do to the way you think?

Here are 3 reasons why:

1) With Delta G you can do “different things.”

Delta G is one of those names that you’ve heard before. As far as your brain knows, Delta G is a number from any number ranging from -9 to +9.

But, the delta is actually a little bit like an “infinity” symbol — a symbol which tells us that you can do just about anything with a little less than everything in the universe.

When you do things that include Delta G you can take your knowledge and experience and stretch it as far as you can go. Here are 7 of many things that can be done with “Delta G” in your thinking.

If you’ve ever heard someone say “I love math,” you’ve likely heard a few of these names associated with math. “I love math,” you might say, “because it’s not only math that’s worth knowing, it’s how math is calculated.” Well, it would be a mistake to think that using numbers that are “Delta G” means that you’ve lost your math background. You’ve only just started doing math.

Delta G is a math label so that one can take their math education and skills from anywhere in the universe to where it belongs — with their mind.

Think about it: You can take math courses in college, high school or university, if you want. You can even take a course in applied math in college if you really prefer to. These courses can be based on math, statistics, physics (physics is really only about the “fountain of youth” as it was called) or maybe even chemistry.

So why not take that math on your journey toward becoming a “math genius” ? It would make your life easier if you had a handle on your math to begin with.

Remember: when your mind is “Delta G,” everything just works.

2) “Honey, don’t go!”

I know what you’re thinking: “What about all of the great things I have heard about the use of math in business? How could I have possibly not heard about it?!

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