How much energy is in a magnet? – 100 Free Energy Generator Homemade With Magnet Using

The energy in a magnet is the amount of electromagnetic energy in a magnetic field that can be converted to work if you apply your magnet’s power evenly over a short-circuit. If you don’t care about what the magnet does, a few tens of milliwatts are enough. For many applications, however, you should use a magnet with a lower working capacity, such as an electromagnet that can do at most 200 or 300 watts.

Figure 11: Magnet with a low working magnet capacity can use a little more energy than a magnet using a high one.

As an analogy, consider a water hose with a very tiny nozzle that will only go as fast as water pressure inside the pipe. The nozzle’s working capacity depends on a formula that describes how much water pressure is in the pipe, which depends on how the water pressure changes over time. To be more precise, the formula for the hose’s working capacity is:

Working Capacity = 1.0 * (P * R) where P is the pipe’s length in meters A is the pipe’s capacity, in milliwatts R is the pipe’s diameter in meters

Figure 12: A 1 watt electromagnet
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If your pipe has no water leakage resistance, the working capacity can be as high as 50 megawatts, which is enough to drive a refrigerator without much extra fuel. If your pipe has leakage resistance of 10 milliwatts, the working capacity will be less than 10 watts. If your meter gauge tells you the pipe is about 10 milliwatts but you have no idea what it measures, you should consider a new pump for your refrigerator. Or maybe you don’t know what it measures at all!

Figure 13: A 4 watt electromagnet.

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