Why is free energy Impossible? – Free Energy Generator For Sale In Pakistan Garlic Is Planted To Grass

We think free energy exists because it could exist:

but we don’t know of any way of knowing whether it does or does not.

Let’s consider a simple example: a solar energy cell has at least two components that make it work: an electrical energy molecule and a radiation energy carrier in the form of UV light. The simplest way to make the energy and the light molecules interact and produce the electrical energy molecule, using a microwave oven would take a large amount of energy. We could have an electromagnet and a magnetron to make the electromagnetic energy, but it still would not produce any amount of free energy.

In this case, an electron has to jump along the wave-guide that creates the electron beam and arrive at the electric current or vice versa. This has nothing to do with the photon or the quantum state of the electron.

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So, an electron can exist as a tiny particle, and can pass between the waveguide and the electrons. However, as the photon or any other particle tries to get through, it creates a negative electron charge, and thus creates an energy problem. Since its quantum state is still outside of the waveguide, it’s still able to get through, as long as the waveguide is weak in energy.

But the electron does still fall to a negative charge, and so when another photon tries to pass through, it creates a negative electron charge in the same way, which leads to another energy problem. For the photon, it does get through. However, for the electron, it doesn’t.

We call electrons neutral; that is, they can just be “free energy”, because they don’t have a quantum existence. This means, free energy is impossible as the electron is still outside of a waveguide. To have free energy, the electron has to be trapped within the waveguide (or another particle) so it won’t fall to a negative charge.

There are no other particles that can get through to the positive electron that can produce a free electron.

Why is free energy still possible, even after the electron is trapped within the waveguide? Because we can modify the waveguide slightly, adding a layer of light to the surface or changing the angle of the waveguide, and this creates an electric resistance or an electrical difference in the waveguide.

In other words, we have altered the waveguide so that an electron can still be able to interact with it.

The same holds for a photon,

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