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If no, it becomes impossible.

I believe the “energy of the universe” is real. This would be an impossible claim for any existing civilization.

I believe “energy” only applies to the universe as a whole, not to individual parts or to individuals.

I don’t believe in the “energy of the universe” because it isn’t “real.”

But since it’s possible for “particle physics” to have an “infinite” energy, I think the “infinite” energy of particle physics is “real.”

The existence of a “multiverse” isn’t necessary to claim “energy of the universe.”

I don’t believe I can make a claim that the “multiverse” can have energy and exist in a vacuum — which would be impossible.

The most well-known example of a well-defined physical system that is not the result of quantum mechanics is the so-called “solid state”, which is defined as the state of a physical system if you measure its position every instant.

In our example, we can imagine a piece of graphite as a solid state. But what about an infinitely high-density solid state? What if there’s a higher density of atoms in the same area as the graphite piece, and the graphite has a radius of 1mm.

In the real world, there’s plenty of material that contains a large portion of the same size particles that are on the surface of the diamond in Fig. 2:

That means that there are large regions that are totally “covered” by this small area, and yet at any point in the “space” of the solid state the graphite doesn’t contain the same number of pieces as the diamond.

This is known as a homogeneous solid state.

A homogeneous solid state is defined as the most “ideal” state of a system. It might actually be physically impossible to find a world in which it exists. You’re only ever going to find a homogeneous solid, and then only in the real world.

A homogeneous solid state is the one that the graphite in Fig. 2 has.

However, an infinite number of such particles would be needed to cover the graphite. The probability density function for this infinite number of particles would have to be very large: much larger than the probability density function for a homogeneous solid state.

The best that we could possibly hope for, therefore, is that

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