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Free energy concept is a concept created by NASA and is based on the basic physics of electromagnetic field. The concept is the reduction of the radiation emitted from a charged particle (electronic plasma called an electromagnetic wave) to an energy level. In the absence of any electrical charge, the energy would be a straight line and the particle would be moving with speed equal to the speed of light. If any electrical charge exists the particle must be moving to travel along the charged field so the energy is proportional to the square of the square of the speed of propagation of the particle.

What is the origin of free energy? The origin of free energy is the inverse inverse square law, defined as:

where the numerator and denominator are the particles speed and the energy (electromagnetic radiation). If the electromagnetic radiation is not travelling with the speed of light (due to any magnetic resistance) an inverse square law must exist to cause the electrons and proton to merge when the photons reach each other. This merger causes free energy to be generated. The free energy can be viewed as the mass of the object times its speed squared. (If the object, of example, is an electron, the free energy is the mass of the electron plus the speed of light minus two).

Can I generate free energy using solar power? Yes, the simple fact of the matter is that if one can calculate a direct path for a current of light (in the case of a solar panel) to the sun, one can generate a free energy source.

Can I use electric vehicles to generate free energy?

Yes, electric vehicles are extremely successful in the energy production space. The reason for this is that the cost of battery technology is dropping rapidly. Electric vehicles are quite an effective solution for the generation of electric power, it’s a good alternative to having a generator.

Can I create a free energy source using a microwave? Yes, it would be possible by using some sort of microwave, such as a microwave oven. The advantage is that a lot of the energy of a microwave is stored, so if energy is needed at some point, the microwaves can be used.

Can I generate free energy using lasers? Can I? Laser energy has the advantage that a lot of the energy is stored and hence a very cost effective alternative to a conventional fuel cell. But there have been several challenges in the research and development of laser energy generation. One of the challenges to the laser energy is that the frequency of the laser is variable and

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