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“An energy device means a device that emits no energy, for example no heating, ventilation or electrical load, from which any part of its output is derived, or produces no electricity that can be used to power mechanical activities. We are not talking about a device that emits no heat and nothing but electricity, such as a light bulb. We are talking about a device that emits no heat and no electricity and generates no electricity.”

The company’s Energy Device System (Des) can produce about 10 kilowatts of power.

“It costs about €15,000 (US$21,300) to produce an equal amount of energy from renewable sources (gas, water, biomass) but produces just a little bit of electricity,” says Günter Scheibner, head of the Research Foundation for Renewable Energy, the company’s development partner.

Scheibner says it could also provide electricity at a very low cost. “I think a very affordable, economical and sustainable solution for our country is already available on an industrial level. The only major hurdle to a commercial industrial deployment is that people would have to understand the concept of des.”

What is des?

A des is a power generator, meaning that it needs electricity to provide heat and/or cool, to drive the pumps and the generators and to run the equipment that is necessary. In Germany alone, the cost of power for a des varies with the type of renewable energy source: from zero to as much as €1,867 per kilowatt-hour of electricity from wind turbines, or from €4,000 (US$5,800) per kilowatt-hour from biomass.

The concept behind des is to produce power from renewable sources of energy, which are often biomass and hydropower, without the need to store it for later use. Des is an energy source that is both sustainable and cost-effective. The key is to provide an inexpensive and secure source of power as well as a renewable energy source.

Does des need subsidies?

The German government subsidises des, with financial assistance from German Energy Association and government funding of €1.4 billion (US$1.7 billion) in 2012.

“Some people have thought that this is unfair. The reason is that des is a very special type of renewable energy that has a very different energy content to conventional sources. This is where des does not need a subsidy from the federal administration.

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