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The most commonly used type of fuel in India is coal. All of our power stations produce this power on the grid. About 12-14% of our annual electricity consumption is from this energy source.

How can electricity production be reduced or stopped?

The main sources of electricity, which we produce from coal, are being reduced or even suspended. There are plans to reduce the use of air- and water-source energy. We have to reduce imports of coal-derived power and increase our domestic production of electricity.

The Indian Energy Policy (IEP), the policy for electricity in India, was approved by the government in 2000. It sets targets for a reduction in overall power generation by 100 GWh per year by 2020. The Energy Efficiency Challenge, a national initiative, is trying to reduce power consumption by 5% this year alone. In the meantime, we need to replace old power plants, which can contribute to power shortages and power cuts.

Is this happening?


How are you doing in this?

We should take action to improve the technology. I agree with President Pranab Mukherjee of India that we should have power stations that can produce up to 400 megawatts (MW) of electricity on-the-go. The government wants to do this by 2020. We have developed solar power stations which can produce up to 50 MW on-the-go (compared to the 50 MW we can get from solar panels), and that’s something that we should build a large number of. Our aim is to double our on-the-go generation capacity within two years.

What does India need to have?

We need an India-wide plan for making energy consumption more efficient. Power production is a major source of our domestic energy consumption. We need efficient power plants to ensure that we don’t waste energy, and also to be able to run these plants over extended periods, even in times of crisis.
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India isn’t like the UK; we don’t have nuclear power so we will probably have a large chunk of non-conventional sources of electricity too. Our objective must be to increase the use of non-conventional renewable sources of electricity.

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