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The most common fuels that are used throughout Asia for cooking are oil, gas, wood and water. Of these, wood is the most common and often made from wood as well as dung.
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The first method we covered is burning dung to make fuel from dried leaves, wood chips and other plant matter. This is called the dung cook and it often is done for food in small batches on a limited scale for a long period of time. If you burn some dung for cooking you may not burn enough. The second method is to grind some cooked dung into the ashes of your fire. This is called burning dung for fuel and is done in a very large quantities and in small quantities to boil water or to boil a small quantity. Again this burns a low quantity and needs to be repeated often.

The third method is to burn the dried dung over a fire. These days this method is usually done by using a pyrometer – an instrument which measures temperature, pressure, oxygen content and more. Pyrometers are used to measure the burning temperatures, pressure, carbon dioxide content and oxygenation – a great tool for the study of dung burning. It is worth noting though that there is no way that you can tell what type of carbonate it is. In many cases an uncharred dung will contain the dung ashes and some bits of the wood or the wood ashes. In other cases it will also have a thin layer of wood.

The fourth method of dung burning is with the fire itself. This is known as the pyrometer. The burning of wood over charcoal is extremely messy and does not burn very fast. It can burn up to several hours. Wood pyrometers use the burning of dung over charcoal. They work by measuring the carbon dioxide content of the dung and the oxygen content of the dung. The carbon dioxide content changes when it gets colder as the wood burns and the oxygen content changes as it gets warmer. So far most pyrometers we know of use temperature based measurement methods. The difference is that they are used to find out what the carbon dioxide content of the dung is, in this case for carbon dioxide. These measurements change as the temperature rises. We don’t know yet how the wood burns as it gets hotter and we don’t know how the oxygen content changes as the heat increases. This is the great challenge of this study. It is not clear that these methods will be helpful for understanding the physical process of

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