What is a free energy device? – Helmholtz Free Energy Equations

A free energy device is any solar power system that uses the solar energy to cool water and produce hot water from it.

Water is an essential nutrient to plants and animals, so when it is cold outside, these animals can’t survive. So they need heat. This is why most living things can’t survive cold winters. They need warm water, which is generated from the sun through photosynthesis by plants. When this heat is added to the water, it has to be removed, or else it gets frozen. As plants lose sunlight they need warmer water to grow.

Free energy devices harness solar power so that water can be added to it in cool toasty temperatures without freezing.

The main design challenge for water coolers is to achieve the right temperatures and in the right quantities. Water is the most important nutrient in animals, so it is of highest priority to get the heat going as quickly as possible.

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There are various types of water cooling devices:

Solar water coolers are heat exchangers that use solar energy to cool water and produce hot water from it.

Hot water collectors use water to remove heat from the air with a pump and heat exchanger.

Flatwater storage tanks, which are typically the largest type of water pump that does not require cooling.

Freezing water is the most important part of any water cooler, so it is important that the water is not cold. When it is cold, the cells are damaged, forcing water to freeze and eventually harden due to stress, so there is no cooling effect.

The more efficient the unit, the more water that needs to be removed. For example with a 100w photovoltaic system, 20,000 watts of solar power per square meter would need to be removed to reach 50°C. This will take at least 500kW of solar power per square meter: to reach a temperature of 50°C you would need 500kW/sq meter. To reach temperatures lower than this, you will need even more watts, but the cost will be a lot higher. Also, the higher voltage you need to get, the more expensive the solar power per watt will be.

The energy required per unit mass is the amount of electricity needed divided by the mass of the device, i.e. 1.5m2 * (40 * mass of device). For example if your device is 20ft*5ft we need to use 5.4 million kWh per square meter

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