Is free energy possible Tesla? – Nikola Tesla Free Energy Motor Youtube

Do I want to work for a company that doesn’t produce what’s on your checklist? If you’re going to build a company, create one here. Not just for the sake of having fun, but for the sake of creating something that works. I don’t have a lot of faith in the status quo, and this is the first company I think has the guts and the drive to create something that you really care about. It’s just not a good business case.

I like how open Tesla makes themselves about the product you’re building. No one is allowed to talk. It feels like you’re being paid a living wage to build it (which for Tesla is $30 Million Dollars)…for free. Which makes you really happy. As long as there are new cars to be made, you’re going to be happy and this is a great example of that.

How do you build on success? Is there any company that has come near to breaking free from the big companies and making a better product and doing a good job?

In the long term, no. I like to think we’ve created a product which can work at a commercial scale – and I’m not saying that a market for it would be the best situation. I’d much rather make something I can sell on a mass scale.

The way I see it is that Tesla, and Tesla Motors, would never get bigger than it is today in terms of market share, or it might grow, but it wouldn’t be at the highest level, because if it wasn’t for Elon Musk we’d be just another car company. We’d just be another start-up trying to make money and maybe have a little success. But we’d always maintain our independence.

I’m not happy with the “Tesla isn’t a car company” stance. It’s not true. The company isn’t a car company, Tesla is…a software company. We sell electric cars from our cars. We have a lot of electric car people working at Tesla right now.

We’ve built the brand of the company around the ability to change the world. It’s one of our core beliefs. Every car that Tesla makes is an electric car. Elon himself drives an electric car and his family drives an electric car. When he travels he will make sure it’s an electric car so that we can do all the stuff in the electric car future that’s coming. If Tesla can’t get into that future, we can’t get into that future either.

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