Why Gibbs free energy is zero at equilibrium? – Standard Reaction Free Energy Equation And Reversibility Meaning

I’m just going to have to do a rough calculation to see if my math is correct.

2) What is the energy used in the reaction? What is this energy?

3) Where is this energy?

These are the most important questions in this article. To answer them requires a more complete energy calculation (more on that in a moment).

For those interested in a mathematical formula for Gibbs free energy, here is a handy Excel workbook template for calculating it. The workbooks are very helpful if you have an Excel spreadsheet with formulas and it is handy for other types of tasks too:

Workbook Workbook Name Formula

Workbook Workbook Name Formula = (energy-energy-time)^2*F_{-}T

A quick note on Gibbs free energy:

All calculations in this article are theoretical.

It is likely this calculation is accurate with a few more variables added. However, many of the equations are extremely complex, and thus there could still be some errors (perhaps in the energy). Nevertheless, it is an excellent reference work on a number of the many questions that the Gibbs Free Energy Equation is designed to answer.

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