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As far as you can be sure, it’s a substance without life.

A simple way to see how we arrived at this conclusion is to compare what’s known about what makes up water to what’s known about what makes up the universe in the first place. One of the first things that happened in the universe was that it cooled.

How do we know? The speed of sound is very, very slow — about 10−19 m/s, which is just a tenth as fast as sound. And this is very close to the speed of light for a substance that is made of a very large number of smaller substances — that’s the reason it’s possible that light could travel at the speed of sound, but it couldn’t travel at the speed of light for anything other than a light beam.

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The question, then, is how quickly does light get from one place to another? A good answer to that question would probably be some approximation that’s a bit more than 10−19 m/s. But we’ve done the math and we’ve done other calculations, and we can be pretty sure that, to some degree, there’s no way you or I could travel faster than light in the universe for light to travel faster than light between places: we can be absolutely sure.

But light has a very low mass, so if the universe has a lower mass as it ages, it might not need to cool as fast at first. If it has a high initial mass, the mass of photons will be so different to each other that there won’t be any way for them to get to be equal to each other without changing their relative speeds as they move through space and all that stuff.

Now suppose that we’ve come up with an approximation that gives us a reasonable estimate of what the universe’s mass should have been at some point in time or something, the beginning of time, during some other period of time. And there’s an interesting connection. Suppose we go back into the big bang and look back at those events that preceded the big bang and see what things were like before they began. Those might have been very, very cold places, and they might have had a lot of particles. And now we have this estimate of what the universe should be like at some kind of time when the universe had those particular characteristics. So, the universe as we know it is a big enough place that, in effect, what it could have been is the universe we know.

But you’ll note that

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