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Tesla and Edison created electric light that didn’t need the batteries to function for weeks to months.

They didn’t need electricity so they started a company to create their light. Their idea worked until their batteries were destroyed.
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They had to start all over again from scratch.

Tesla is better than Edison because he can make cars and put a charge into them just like a battery.

If you want to have the latest tech in every car, Tesla is better than Edison because Edison’s patents were not used by Apple.

If Edison was smarter than Tesla, would Tesla still be alive?

Edison was a brilliant scientist, but his philosophy of inventing and developing were flawed. With an ego that made him feel he was the smartest person in the world.

Both Edison and Tesla were good businessmen and did their best to get people to buy their inventions.

Edison and Tesla were both geniuses, but their ideas were flawed. Tesla, Edison and the engineers that created the first cars were all brilliant but their ideas were flawed…

You would have to be Einstein to see Edison as the first genius.

Edison was great but he wasn’t the first scientist to find the solution to a problem or to create a whole new thing.

You could have solved a problem, but it would have taken decades to produce your version of it.

For example, he was smart enough to figure out a way to run electricity to a motor in a horse-drawn carriage, but had no idea how to power an engine with it, so he developed his own.

Edison’s engine worked for miles, but couldn’t have worked without the electricity that fed it.

His inventions weren’t what people imagined them to be. Edison wasn’t the first to invent the idea of electric light, or electricity.

The most important thing about Edison is he wasn’t the first to invent a practical electric power station (the Tesla)

There was always a need to create the electric light and electricity, even without Edison’s invention.

The idea that Edison would be the first to give the world electricity by himself was just absurd.

Edison and Tesla were great scientists, but they did make some mistakes when it came to making cars that worked because they didn’t have the time to be careful.

Edison could have learned to make cars that could work in the first decades of his life.

Tesla was brilliant, but

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