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They absorb the energy from the environment and dissipate it via heat. And if you lose energy (because it is not being radiated) it means that energy is being lost to the environment to begin with . So the answer to the question “Do magnets lose energy?” has to be that “no.” This is an absolutely important difference and one that has not attracted much attention.The reason why magnetism is so important is that a lot of objects such as magnets have no “mechanical” property to work with; they are just simply magnets. If a magnet gains or loses energy and does not “tract”, it is no longer a magnet. And in a universe with no “mechanical” properties, a magnet is merely a piece of metal or some other mass, and that is where it will always end up. But if a magnet has no mechanical property, which I believe most of them do, how does it “lose” energy to the environment (when we lose energy)? Because magnetism is simply the ability of a mass to attract other matter to itself. The more mass a magnet has, the weaker the force it pulls to attract more mass, in the same way that more metal in a jar attracts more water .So if a mass of water was pulled by the more powerful magnet in the jar, the magnet would become weaker and will not attract more water, as does the stronger magnet in the jar. But the more mass in the jar the more magnetism it has, so the more magnetism and greater force it will pull in the same way (thus “losing” energy to the environment).Here is the same example we started with:Let’s say that for some reason our earth had some magnetic substance attached to it, such as some iron, nickel, lead (any combination of those metals), etc. Well, the fact that the earth has magnetism makes it more likely (if not inevitable) that it will attract more magnetism (iron or whatever alloy). It is because there is some force that acts on magnets (the force of gravity), and the more magnetism it has, the more magnetism it will attract.So just as gravity tends to pull all objects downwards (when objects are near one another), magnetism tends to pull all objects upwards (when objects are near the earth). But if we have only a little bit of magnetism in the earth, such as some iron, it will tend to attract less attraction (if any attraction was ever there to begin with).The same is

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