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They are not the evil god of the universe, nor is it possible for them or their clients to abuse any of their clients, clients are children, not grown adults!

What if the life coach is not a therapist or counselor?

In most situations, therapists and counselors are just the professional side. Life coaches do not have professional credentials and often do not even know how to practice how to be counselors. Some life coaches also use the same arguments as the therapists, often without providing their credentials. Some clients may not be able to see an actual therapist.

The life coaches who do practice what they preach are not licensed or certified mental health professionals. Some of the life coaches who practice are also not professionals, as they can have other professional commitments such as work for the police or military. Also, the life coaches often offer their services for free, which may or may not be legal depending on the area, but in many areas is not. If they were licensed or certified, their licenses/certifications and certificates would obviously be a part of their job description. When a family is in crisis, it is often necessary for the family to see a therapist or a counselor, and they have a right to expect that the professional they are seeing is capable of treating that crisis. The issue lies with the provider’s professional credentials.

Do all life coaches practice their way to the same goal?

There are different kinds of life coaches. Some do not practice very often, they only make referrals and do some training for the job. The person giving the counseling is not the one going to get therapy! So, they are just another part of a bigger team! They provide the training that is required for those training and doing the training.

Another type is life coaches in corporate settings. Corporate life coaches are paid to bring clients from different industries to corporate events. They are not the ones trained to work with clients with their skills. They have other professional needs, some of them professional and others not.

Other life coaches practice their way to the professional’s dream! They use some very basic arguments, and have the training required to give the advice that their clients need. These life coaches use some of the same arguments and make money off of them! Then they go and work for you, they are your client and that is the most amazing thing!

Other life coaches do not believe in the training required to give counseling for free, they believe the training is already part of the job

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