Are life coaches legit? – Writing A Life Coaching Business Plan

They do what they tell themselves. They believe in what they do. They don’t care if they work hard or aren’t as good.”

If you go look for some great life coach information, you will certainly find tons of them on the internet, but most of them are scams or they aren’t very relevant anymore.

“What you must realize is that any of the above life coaches will provide you with a good start into the game. It’s just difficult to judge them by their results. It’s far better to have a well-trained professional that was already involved.

They may even bring you into the community for better insight into a particular topic. I’ve always been a fan of coaching, but the thought of getting into coaching came to me after reading something that said, “If you aren’t ready, and you get into coaching, you will be an asshole.”

I think we are all here to learn, as much as this “I’m here to help YOU to change your life because I LOVE to coach people” mentality leads me to think.

That doesn’t mean that life coaches shouldn’t have a career. I just think you are better off doing it with someone who already has this knowledge about the basics of business and personal development, rather than someone who will just teach you how to be successful no matter what “experience” they have.

If any of these life coaches are reading this, the chances are good, they will not be using their knowledge for personal profit. They should know how to write a personal development manifesto and explain how it will help you, rather than trying to get people to hire them for personal services.

For those of you that are out There, you may be wondering what happens to life coaches.

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Life coaches who have been successful, are more likely to be paid by the company or by themselves. When you go work for your business, you can be fired at any time that you have a bad day. They are paid more than you or your company.

But, life coaches who have had no success working for you can lose all their income that the company pays them. They will probably take the job of going up and down “up” or “down” the ladder until either you give them money, or they work themselves to the bone.

I’ve even had the experience of losing a life coach at the bottom of the ranks because I took too long to tell the people I was working for what was taking place

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