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Yes, I do believe in calling myself a coach. When I first started coaching and started playing in the AFL, when I started playing in South Australia, the main people I found to help me was the South Australian Football Association, and then the players we had in the South Australian Football League were like brothers, they could not get enough of me, I was the one with their back, it was the boys I did the talking, you know.
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That’s my whole life and I’m still involved with other people and I’m in contact with other people in the profession and in the community. I don’t believe in just running out one person and telling them to coach.

Some people have gone off on that and become coaches and got into business but I believe in helping each other and helping each other grow, I believe in growing people, I believe in making people better — not just putting their money into one player or whatever. Some people want to see people get better and they’re too focused on just how good they are.

The players are here to earn a living and to be successful. This is what we want — to be professionals. I don’t want anything else in life to be handed to us.

Does he think the team can be successful on Saturday?

Yes, I believe so. We’ve been here for a long time now since the beginning, so we just have to keep building the team, keep building things, we just have to stick to what we do, which is to focus on the players and build them up like we always have.

That’s the plan, that we always have, and that’s how we have to keep going and keep building the side to be successful.

They’ve got a whole lot to prove but, if they’re going to be successful, they’ve got to be successful. You don’t win your first game and come back the next time, you’ve got to keep going and keep getting better, and there’ll come a time where people will come to you and say, ‘hey man, if you want to be successful, you’ll need to get on top of things’.

We’ve not got the time to be here talking about that, we’ve got to do what we have got to do. We’re still a young side — we’ve got a long way to go.

We’ve got great players. They’re good boys and they’ve learnt from each other. You’ve got your old guys

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