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First, it may sound strange, but I really believe in the importance of personal experience so it makes sense to structure a session around that and you get to know more about yourself than ever before. Second, once you’ve been to a life coaching session, you will never have to talk or even look at another coach again. This is because they have already lived and found their way to your level of clarity and your life has been transformed by the experience.

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What is your biggest obstacle in life? Are you a perfectionist or a person who is always seeking improvement?

My biggest hurdle has always been a lack of self-control. Now, I’m not saying that I’m perfect, but I take a lot of responsibility for a lot of how I am. I’m not the perfect person, but I am trying to become more.

How often do you get frustrated with a person who doesn’t follow your advice or doesn’t make the changes that make sense for you?

I don’t know that often but when I ask for personal feedback or if I have a personal problem, I’ll probably get another response that I’m asking too many questions or I need to follow the flow. After that, I usually start to feel embarrassed at the lack of personal growth or understanding of my own beliefs and behaviors.

The people most able to help me become a better person are those who are willing to listen to me or, at the very least, try to give me what I need to grow. It’s great to have more answers than anyone, but without growth, I’m still an incomplete person.

How can I go about changing my beliefs if I think that if I do X, I won’t go through this thing with Y (or have this conversation)?

I like to begin a coaching session by asking myself, “What’s my current belief about this?” And then, if it’s a person that I’ve met that is an interesting personality or personality, that the person has an interesting mindset and a different understanding of life than me, I’ll ask questions asking them to see if there’s any kind of change that could be made. At that point, I’ll ask the coach, “Will you try to have a change with me?” If the answer is yes, then I’d probably like to change my belief or beliefs because it will be something I’ve been afraid to do because of my fear of being judged. I can either let that fear prevent me or give me the confidence

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