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Tony provides personal coaching in six different types of sessions.

1. Personal growth and personal development

People seek solutions in this session, where Tony coaches through a series of exercises to help participants develop their strengths and weaknesses.

For example, one exercise is to ask participants to identify a person in the room. Then, Tony asks one on one to think “What do you like about this person”. The participant has to tell him all about themselves. Once they get the answer, they need to go to a mirror and put their best face on.

2. Change and recovery

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Tony takes the participants to a hotel room, where they are invited to try something new on a whim. They must choose whether or not they want to take a pill, relax for 90 seconds, or do a series of different tasks. After they have chosen their task, players may choose to do an activity while in the room.

3. Motivation

As participants work on building the courage to take their challenge, Tony motivates them and takes the participant’s performance to a new level.

4. Self-growth

After the task has been completed successfully, Tony calls the participants to another room where he is sitting on a couch while everyone else is working on some specific area of their strengths. It may include a meditation or a writing assignment.

If there are players that don’t have any weaknesses to work on, Tony invites them to do the activity, which takes them to the next level of motivation.

5. Emotionality

If the participants feel emotion from time to time during the session, Tony takes it all on and encourages all participants to be honest if they need help getting through a difficult situation.

6. Change-making

If there is a situation where participants make a huge change to improve their lives, Tony coaches them step by step, giving feedback on how they went about doing so.

“Tony Robbins’ Personal Growth and Personal Development Session” is available to buy from Amazon. If you would like to book a free consultation with Tony Robbins, call his Personal Growth & Personal Development Office at (800) 826-7888 or email him at

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