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How should I conduct my coaching? Is it really possible to be a coach and a spouse? This is a question that many people ask. Let me first tell you: YES it is possible. It has worked for me. There are many reasons coaching therapy works, including that my husband is a coach, but I’ll try to go in detail. The main reasons coaching therapy works: * Your spouse is a coaching coach. You are able to take more of his or her time while he or she is coaching to make sure the things he or she says are well thought out and the information is backed up.* You are able to have a lot more fun as you are training the trainer. * Training partners are more comfortable in helping you with everything from small things like how to get rid of the air conditioner in the house to more complicated things like building a new house.* You are able to focus more time, effort, resources, and energy into creating a new and more customized training plan that is optimized for you, rather than the last-minute fix of what worked just last weekend. (Of course, your spouse won’t have the same ability to help you build a much different plan than what worked last weekend, or be able to find a better plan that is specific to your needs.)* You are able to be more flexible in the time frame you need to have your goals. This means you can create training plans that are easy to set up, but require minimal time, effort or resources to do so. (I am lucky. I can easily be flexible with the schedule.)* You can take more breaks during training. One of my favorite parts of coaching is the flexibility we have. When you’re in a training, you don’t spend your entire time training your partner to do something. The training may be relatively simple but your partner has time to learn and to learn new things. That allows more time in the training to do something else. On the flip side, when you have to devote more than a fraction of your training time to something, you have less flexibility on how to maximize your training time. With coaching treatment, your spouse is able to do the following things: 1. Work with you on what training plans will work best. 2. Decide what you need to work on. 3. Do this at least 2 times per week. 4. Spend more time doing this than you do actually training for the next 2 weeks. 5. If that does not work, and you and your partner don’t agree, decide how your
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