What can you call yourself besides a life coach? – Examples Of Life Coaching Business Cards

Life coach is a term you will hear used a lot, especially with the term of being an “acupuncturist”. I have a question before I answer that question. What’s the difference between a life coach, and a medicine man? How could you possibly be a life coach? And if it were an actual job title, is it a job description?

If it were a job title, it’s not something I would recommend. I would probably say, “I specialize in personal development and life coaching to help your life in many ways.” I don’t think there is a job description for working with people with mental illness. I think there are three different jobs that people can have in a job. You might think they are three different things, but I think they really are three separate jobs just like any other job and they all fall under three different categories. You can call yourself a medicine man or you can call yourselves a life coach, but you cannot do both. These things don’t have to be mutually exclusive of each other. There is no wrong way to do one, but you can’t do both. There is no way that one’s job should become a life coach’s job.
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I’ve seen people who work in therapy actually get asked if they could call themselves a life coach. That’s not a job right?

You can call yourself life coach and also be a therapist. I could do your job but I wouldn’t call myself a life coach. That would be ridiculous and I know a life coach isn’t going to do what I would do in all kinds of conditions. Maybe I can help you figure out ways to deal with that, or I might tell you how other people have dealt with various things. Some people might use it to say, “I am a life coach.” I don’t think that’s appropriate. They are both calling themselves life coaches, but they wouldn’t consider it a life coach unless they would call themselves a therapist. I believe this is a misnomer.

People would always use the same label and this is where life coaches get in trouble. Let’s consider your life coach, but imagine you are actually a life coach. You go out, and you spend a lot of time working with a person and they are dealing with their own issues. How many different things could you help them with?

What you could help them with is you could help them have a better quality of life, or you could help them deal with the things that brought you

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