What is a mindset coach? – Life Coach Aptitude Test

A mindset coach is actually a mindset coach with much more time on his or her hands.

You have the opportunity to work with one for free!

You gain instant access to hundreds of articles from the best in the business.

You’ll have access to the most advanced mindset coach content with the goal of helping you become an outstanding mindset coach.

You’ll also get to see what the mindset coach community is doing and, most importantly, why. We’ll dig in on these topics and show how they’re actually helping you.

We have a full roster of coaches who will be ready to help with your business goals. But the best part is you get to see what others are doing in business, how they’ve worked with their clients (both positive and negative) and what you can do to improve on your own to be a better mindset coach.

There’s not a lot of free stuff you can get in my experience. The vast majority of articles are premium content. They are the most comprehensive, well-written, and most detailed. Many are articles we’ve already done with the mindset coach community, that you have a chance to review here too.

You’ll also be working with the best people in the mind-work industry, some whom are even well-connected and established in the business.

If you want to get started on this journey, you don’t have to spend a fortune. The mindset coach community has a long list of amazing minds and experts ready to talk with you right now.

Why Are The Articles Free?
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We spend a lot of time writing, marketing, and designing the material. We hope to make a great product, but it’s worth it. It’s also a really, really fun time, which makes it even more valuable.

The vast majority of them are free. We have no ads whatsoever, with no subscription.

We are always trying to create more affordable, effective, and valuable content for our readers. If you would like to be on a newsletter for free, just send email@mindsetv.com and we’ll put you on a free newsletter for one week. When you’re ready, you’ll get a full refund.

And for the most part, you’ll have total access to everything – articles, videos, resources, etc– we have to offer.

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