What job makes the most money? – Starting A Sports Coaching Business

A lot of us work with the cash flow to support our families and buy a new car. Most of us also own our homes or at least pay our mortgages. We are not so lucky as to work with the cash flow to support our family. As the economy continues to improve and we get better at planning for retirement, we will find things more rewarding in life and get more comfortable with our jobs. With those two things in mind I decided to look at the highest paying jobs in the country. I wanted an average salary that was not only high enough to support us but also make us happy.

My initial list was based on two simple rules. First, each of the top 75 jobs in the country (based on 2010 salary data) had to pay at least $100,000. Second, in order for the job to be classified as high paying it had to offer the following: a job description that is clearly marked as a high paying job, and a significant increase in salary over the last four years (up to 5%). The first two categories were determined through a combination of data from Glassdoor, Glassdoor’s own salary database, and PayScale. The third category included salaries that varied by state. The highest paid states are: (A) Massachusetts, (B) New Jersey, (C) New York, and Delaware.

The next job of interest was one that has been making waves in the industry lately:

In order to qualify as a high paying job, an employer also needed to offer a job descriptions that is clearly marked (or at least described) as a high paying job. The job was not considered a high paying job if the advertised salary was $100,000 or less. The job was to work on behalf of a private corporation or a charity.

This is a great example of how simple and straightforward Glassdoor.com salary descriptions are. Many employers use this website to search for jobs with salaries that fall within the advertised range. While they may not offer a high paying, high salary job, they get to keep more of the money and are happy that they got the job.

It is also important to note that the average salary was $86,903 so while the jobs listed as having $100,000 salaries may not be the highest paid jobs, the average salary is very comparable to the average salary earned in this list. The following six are the highest paying jobs in the nation:

The following are the six highest paid jobs in the country:

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