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The old Magic Association is a powerful organization, especially when it comes to magic, which has been around for as long as any religion in history. Its members range from the very ancient to extremely young and have grown up since then.

The old group was founded to create the most powerful magician in the world, but is no mere magician. They are the leaders of the magical civilization that has a long history of being one of the oldest in the universe. The old Magic Association is still active. Some of its members went on to be leaders of the world, like Gwynhild, the Witch Queen in Fire Emblem Fates, the Sorceress in Final Fantasy XV, and many others among various characters and the past generations.

The old Magic Association is comprised of mages and sorceresses, a select group of scholars and practitioners with incredible abilities. These abilities allow them to use magic like never before.

The oldest Magic Association

The oldest magician organization is the old Magic Association. The Magic Board consists of the eight oldest Magic Association members, and they were originally tasked to continue their work and research. Over time, the four surviving Magic Board members gradually took power, but the Magic Board is actually one large organization with different sections within it.

The last four members of this organization are all members of the Magic School that existed prior to its extinction, and their respective personalities have evolved along with the organization and is different from its members.

Because of this, they have an individual relationship when it comes to manipulating magic. Because of that, it is possible for one Magic Board member to control the magic used by another Magic Board member, like the case with Hectares, the Knight of Black, who controls a number of mages’ magic to a certain extent.

Mages’ Magic School

There are four schools of magic practiced within the Magic Association. Although they all utilize their own style of spells, they all have some similar aspects. It has been said that many mages’ magic comes from their school, but there is no way to verify that.

The four schools of magic

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The two ancient schools of magic are the School of Elements and the School of Winds. The main differences among mages are the effects they can achieve, and how strong magic can be in battle. All other mages rely on the School of Elements for the majority of their magic power, and it is the only school that holds the ability to summon other mages on its own. The

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