How can I be good at sketching? – Basic Pencil Drawing Techniques Pdf

It’s important to be able to express your ideas visually first (and then get good at sketching). This can be hard sometimes, but it’s worth the effort.

Here’s a link to a great video series designed to help you. Just watch them! (You’ll see the artist is really good at expressing their ideas visually.)

When should I draw something digitally?

If you’re just starting out, I’d suggest drawing something that’s just a quick sketch, that’s about 7×9 inches, and that’s done in 2-3 colors.

You can usually get away with the same color scheme when sketching as you can when drawing digitally.

It also makes it easier to quickly get a good line.

I’ve done a couple illustrations using my iPhone 3GS at work, but they’re so fun to work with that I usually work with them for more than a day.

How much should I draw in progress?

You should always be drawing in progress. That means you should know exactly what the piece will look like, where it should be placed in the frame, and what color it should be.

The first time I did this I was scared I’d never get better (or even better), but in the end it’s really cool, and it also shows what I do to prepare.

Lunar mist by Neboveria on DeviantArt | Drachen ...
Here are a few good tips you can use if you’re drawing your first drawings on your iPhone.

Don’t forget to use a pen tool, but only one!

In the future if your sketches are better than your drawings (or a little bit better), you’ll be rewarded. Here are a few things I always put a pen down when I’m not drawing.

How do I draw better?

Just start by practicing sketching. Start by sketching the parts you want to draw, then work those over and over until they’re good enough.

The easiest way to improve is to practice in real life. If you’re a photographer, take some quick pictures of a sketch your friend wrote down, then do the same for the real deal.

If you’re an illustrator, get feedback from others. Talk to your friends, family, professors, etc. and see how they draw things.

For reference, here are some tips that may help make you better too:

Have color guides.

I use color guides to help me see where my lines should and shouldn’t

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