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There are many types of drawing and it becomes even more difficult to determine which are suitable for a particular project. I believe you can begin to identify your own drawing style with this list of 10 things:

1) The eye line.

Drawing that shows the eyes is usually not the best thing to do. It is easier to draw eyes where the lines are slanting toward the left or right rather than straight down. In other words, where the eyes are in relation to each other. For example, if the eyes are pointed straight down, you should draw them as straight down as possible rather than angled.

2) The line, the stroke.

Drawing the line and the stroke are usually closely intertwined. The stroke is simply the motion of your fingers in drawing a line. The line is the motion of the line.

For example, if you start drawing the line the way you would from writing, you have already been in a bad way. Instead of drawing a small line, your finger could go up and down the line and hit something, something hard. Or the line could go into a small gap or something. Or it could go across an area you may not be trying, or something you have already tried that did not work.

As you draw more and more lines, each one will become harder to differentiate from the one before. Instead of keeping a consistent line, you will draw them all in a series of short arcs. You might draw a line across the line that you do not feel is solid. You could draw a line that ends in a crease on the line that you feel is solid. And so on.

You will end up with little to no continuity. You will have to change your lines regularly, trying different things to see if they work. You may have to learn from trial and error and develop your own approach to the job. This is a good thing. As you practice, your work will become more distinct, more distinct from what you had done before.

3) The shape.

This part depends on how you approach drawing. If you try to draw a rounded line it will not do well as the corners will become sharp and jagged, as opposed to round like an arrow. An arrow that is rounded at the top usually draws a more rounded cross section.

If you try to create solid lines with the eye, you might think you have arrived at a solid shape with the eye line. You might draw an arrow that

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