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First, you use a watercolor palette and a pen to draw lines on the surface you want to draw your eye, then you wipe the pencil off with a cotton ball or paper towel, just as you would on the surface you are drawing. For detailed drawing, you can also print out the image and use a laser printer for fine details.

How do you know whether your pencil’s tip is sharp or not? The tip should “pop” when you place a finger on it. So if you are not sure whether a pencil’s tip is sharp or not, you can also hold the pen up to the tip and try different finger-pricks until you are sure, and then you just need to apply a small amount of pressure to the pencil and see if it clicks.

Best Drawing Pencils For Beginners and Professionals
What tips are available?

The pencil that I use for drawing is one of my favorite pencils to use because of its long lasting durability. It also produces a crisp line. The pencil I am using for drawing is my “favorite” among these three because it is very durable and smooth when I use it, also.

When I first started making my own pencils, I found it harder to get accurate drawings and a sharp line on my “mama bird” eyes than on my “mama shark.”

The most common pencil tips, as many will tell you, are:

A tip made of carbon steel that is extremely smooth.

A tip made of graphite that is fairly coarse, but with a very smooth surface.

A tip made of graphite that is less coarse and more coarse than the graphite made by Sharpie. It is also more difficult to get a good pencil edge.

Many pencils also come with a very coarse tip such as graphite that makes the stroke of the pencil much rougher and less precise.

These pencil tips are very helpful when making your own pencils, and I use them regularly; however, they can also look less professional when you use the “mama bird” pencil with these fine tips.

What about the tip that comes pre-printed with pencils?

All plastic tips are not the same; the most common type of plastic tip makes its way into this category. The most common type of plastic tip that is made with carbon steel is what you have pictured.

For more information about plastic materials, see a recent blog article about the different types of pencil tips.

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