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If you think about it, how is this not basic information, that a child shouldn’t be drawing and being interested in drawing until they are eight?

I thought it made sense.

I didn’t think about it. For an eight-year-old, drawing is important. It’s important to understand why people use what they do and how it affects how they think differently.

It’s funny how I didn’t talk about it. I didn’t talk about drawing until I was about ten. It just sort of happened.

What drew you to animation?

I grew up drawing. I really liked doing drawing.

When did you start drawing?

When I was about ten, I started drawing.

When did you know you wanted to do this?

When I got my first book.

What did you like about the story? What would you draw?

[Laughs.] It seemed like a story that was kind of just a big fantasy, and I thought it would make sense and work. In addition to being fun, it would appeal to kids.

How was your style compared with other kids? What drew you toward animation?

I’ve always loved animation, actually. When I was younger it was a medium that was fun and made me laugh.

What did you like about animating?

It’s just hard. There’s no rules. That’s probably the only thing that got me excited about drawing, actually.

What did you like about drawing? What were your favorite things about drawing?

I didn’t know that before I started. I always felt that if you wanted to draw, you had to do the other things. That’s what they usually tell you, but I really believed it. That’s something I’ve always loved, I think, and I hope it’s kind of reflected in me.

What about animating made you happy?

[Laughs.] I’m not sure how happy animating is, because it seems kind of boring.
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What were some of your favorite animation experiences?

One thing that made me feel super proud about the work I do is that, as a kid, I didn’t have a lot of experiences to compare my work to. I would say I’m lucky, because I had some pretty awful experiences with some things when I was younger. For example, a friend of mine took me to the local museum and showed me stuff, which is really

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