How can I be good at sketching? – Black And White Pencil Drawings Of People

For example, I found this amazing drawing by the great artist Jim Al-Khalili from “A Song of Ice and Fire”. You can read the original on reddit and google. If you can draw something that’s like that, we will work for you.

There is no limit to the things you can do, and you will be learning from your peers while working with professionals.

I want my daughter to get an amazing sketching experience. Can I send her an e-book of the sketches?
sad girl pencil drawing by BlueMoonPanda on DeviantArt

Sure! If you would like to send your daughter some pictures and sketches she can make in order to gain inspiration. You can send her through a “Personal Sketching Challenge” and she will receive a PDF file of her sketch. After reading the story (we highly recommend) we put her to work as well!

How could you send my wife and daughter new skills in drawing?

We also offer you a free copy of our software “Drawing Program for iPad”. The program was written by a great graphic artist, and is extremely simple to learn. The only step to using it is to download the app. After downloading, we recommend starting with these four exercises:

Paint a line by drawing an x or a y plane. Draw a “line of life” by drawing the lines connecting two points on a surface to each other and to the environment.

Once you are able to draw a line, you can try drawing the line that follows it and then another line that follows it. After a while you will start to pick up the flow of your drawing better and feel like you are more proficient in the art of drawing. We can even add new lines to your drawing that you make and add it as new “paths” in any direction.

Can I get an art teacher to work for free?

No. We will only offer the free software (Drawing Program for iPad) or you can send us your picture or sketch and we will train you.

Can I get free samples of our software?

Sure. Feel free to download the e-book. As always, feel free to write “free samples” in the comment section or send us a note to [email protected].

Is there an age restriction?

We do not have any age restriction at this time, but there is a minimum age requirement of 15.

What would happen if my child didn’t finish and we stopped taking

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