How do you draw pencil art? – Easy Pencil Drawings For Beginners Pinterest Recipes

One way is to have all the colors in the same place as the background. This gives you a lot of room for things just in front of whatever you’re drawing, so you can use all the different colors as foregrounds and only really have to think about how to get the edges.

Is your style of drawing influenced by anyone?

It can kind of be, but it’s more influenced by myself than anybody. As a kid, I was always drawing stuff with my own style. I used to make the same kind of drawings all the time. As an adult, it’s a lot more abstract and based on colors. You don’t see that as a kid, but I have to work with what I have.

And you don’t necessarily do all that stuff with your fingers.

I do a lot of hand-drawn stuff as well, but that’s a lot harder to do because with the pressure of it all, I have to take so much concentration that it takes a lot of skill to work with. This is how I do everything.

The pencil?

The pencil is the only thing I use in order to draw. I don’t draw with a watercolor pen, because that’s too harsh to work with. I draw with pencils, I just draw it like I’m drawing with a pen.

And the colored pencils?

Those are used mostly for the lines, because I need the space for everything else. I’ll do a lot of them because sometimes people will tell you that you can’t draw that. They’ll say that the lines are too smooth, or that the edges of the lines are too long. When you’re doing something with a colored color for the coloring, I tend to draw a lot more than just the lines.

But coloring does sound fun, doesn’t it? Or at least fun for the kids.

Oh, there’s nothing more fun than coloring! It’s a great thing. It’s exciting, and I feel that kids love coloring and doing it. If I know that I’m going to be coloring something, that’s when I like the most, because it does give you a lot of mental energy, and I feel that it’s so much more fun than other things.

What’s your favorite color, anyway?

I love red.

How does it feel drawing by hand for you?

I like it. It feels great. When I’m in my little

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