Which pencils are used for sketching? – Pencil Drawings Of Animals Youtube

The standard, non-flexible-type pencil (like fountain or blue ballpoint), and the fine point pencil.

Which can be used for both the pencil sketching and the drawing?

The regular pencil, the fine pointed pencil, and the sketching pencil, depending on which kind of pencil you will use.

How do the pen parts fit together?

The pen head, the nib, and the pen-stem joint.

What color should the nibs be?

The dark nib is ideal for sketching, while the light nib is best used for drawing. As the pen is used it is possible to see the outline of the drawing. For example the lighter colored nib would be best for drawing.

What does the color of the nib mean?

The color refers to the density of the ink. The lighter-colored nib would be used with thinner ink. A darker nib would be used with thicker ink, the same as for writing in black ink.

When I press down on the nib, what does it feel like?

The nib feels soft. This is because some of the flex is removed when the nib is pressed down.

Do the pen-stems fit through the body of the pen?

Yes, the pen-stems fit very easily into the body of the pen.

Which size of nibs should I use?

To avoid the risk of accidentally writing on the surface, we recommend using 2–5 nib sizes.

Who makes the pens?

We produce the pens through the art shop and the manufacturing plant, the manufacturer and company where the materials used in the pen are manufactured.

How long will a pen last?

A good pen lasts 3–5 years.

What to look for in a good pen?

A good pen is smooth, durable, and balanced, although the nib should be good.

How long is my pen from the time it is finished?

After the first use, most pens would last a year or more, but pens built after 2000 should last three times as long.

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