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The basic steps are: drawing from a 2-D perspective from a side view, drawing a line that intersects a corner, drawing the middle, then moving to an angle or rotation to fill in the rest of the drawing. A simple example would be:

Here is a drawing by Michael Vannuccio of the two legs of a horse:

And here is a drawing by Ben Grosse of the head of a turtle:

The difference is that there are no angles along the middle of the leg, so there are no lines or lines of a certain sort.

Drawing with a 3-D perspective perspective is the most straightforward approach, but it has limitations in that is only accurate to a certain extent and is much more difficult to control.

Drawing in SketchUP

SketchUP is an app that lets you draw using layers (a sketch-like object that will be available in a Windows version of SketchUp).

There are four main layers available:

The “Drawing” layer is where your text will be shown. This is the default layer (the one you start from.) This is where the most important drawing steps take place. For illustration it is not recommended to use this layer. The “Clipping” layer can be used to automatically clip a drawing if the canvas area is too long to use it (the “Clipping” layer is the default one.) The “Layout” layer works a little like the “Scenes” feature in Illustrator. It allows you to draw different types of objects and place them directly within a line. These objects may be simple objects like figures, lines and shapes, or complex objects like a “house” or a “tree.” The “Clip” layer will automatically copy the drawing onto the new layer.

The “Object” is a simple list of objects with a different color each, usually a reference to the drawing. It can contain many objects.

The “Window” has to be selected before any drawing takes place. Selecting it will open a window where you can draw your drawing.

The “Layer” is the only layer you can use to add new objects, adjust the drawing parameters or create any other kind of drawing.

It may be a good idea to experiment with a few layers to figure out what works best for you; you can always stop after a few and use the default one. Remember: only use one layer per drawing.

The drawing in Sketch

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