What is basic drawing? – Black And White Pencil Drawings

For the sake of this article, consider it part of a beginner’s drawing lesson. When you learn to draw, drawing itself happens automatically with no effort needed. It’s like drawing a line for your car. If you want to turn your back, there is no need to stop.

So what happens if they say “Hey, a picture is worth a thousand words” ? In short: “Do your homework”.

The first step to learning how to draw is to read and study as much as you can for free online. Start with basic drawings. Then come with your own imagination:

There are always tons of other things you can draw as well. You can add your own drawing to the “learn” list. It’s a nice way to add more to your drawing practice. And it is very easy to create a new picture in your home. There are plenty of drawing programs to choose from to do that.

And just in case you’re not sure, you can check this online gallery:

You can have fun with it, too.

Basic Drawing Lessons

As is the case with any type of art, you can apply any skills to drawing. There are many different drawing exercises you can do:

It’s important to know that this particular art form requires practice. You have to learn to draw things that can be seen from almost all the places. You have to learn all the drawings you can.

That also means that there are numerous books and websites offering teaching the proper way to draw.

In this section, I have prepared several free tutorials for beginner drawing lessons:

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