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A black woman’s gaze, you could say. A woman in a kimono can look like a woman of any age, but the eyes they project are the darkest and most hateful.

We’re reminded that those eyes are designed for violence.

If you can’t make up your mind, then maybe you’re being told to ignore those eyes and just look at someone else with a look on your face. This could even mean you are making the woman in a skirt more vulnerable to sexual assault. And if that woman is an older woman, or if you know a well known female abuser, then a lot of the time that’s exactly what you’re doing.

These eyes are not for your amusement. You will learn in life that you do not possess the power to hurt another person just because you look angry or want to destroy something. The power belongs to the other person. The people with those eyes will make your life hell. They will cause other people’s deaths and hurt others emotionally, mentally and physically.

It’s not worth it. But the power may still be yours.

Women do this a lot, and men do it the same. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances of your assault are or what you were wearing. You are still a victim regardless of what happened when or how.

You are still being abused, and are not entitled to have their power take away or be taken away by them.

You are still going to have your body violated by someone who is meant for your body.

A new study led by NASA has revealed a disturbing fact about the Arctic:

A new NASA polar-orbiting mission has unveiled a disturbing trend: The Arctic ice sheet is rapidly losing mass in a process called “thinning.” The ice sheets that once covered the Arctic have retreated to less than 10 percent of their original size, the satellite mission discovered, exposing an even further shrinking effect.

Not only is the Arctic ice sheet thinning rapidly, NASA researchers have also found that the ice is likely to begin losing mass in coming decades. But, of course, these findings remain in the realm of uncertainty and will likely require years in the lab and decades in field.

But the findings are important, because a thinning Arctic would likely result in a larger sea level rise, since the ice would be a smaller volume and the sea would be less able to capture so much of the sun’s heat. (A similar phenomenon happens when the water in the ocean evaporates

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