How can I grow saffron at home? – Can You Grow Saffron Crocus In Uk

Because saffron is an expensive commodity, the best way to grow saffron is from seed.

The seeds you’ll need to grow saffron are, of course, expensive – even more expensive than buying seeds from the market.

Here’s a handy article about learning more about saffron seeds, and how to get the most from the seeds you do buy!

The best way to learn about saffron, and save yourself money, is to buy seeds directly from a reputable retailer that can provide you with samples.

Here are some great resources to buy saffron from, and other resources to check out.

If you’re wondering if you can grow saffron at home, the answer is YES! It’s really easy! Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to making saffron from scratch. And, since the process is so easy and the results delicious, I urge you to give it a try yourself! Let’s get started!

Start with saffron seeds

Saffron seeds grow pretty fast, and it’s fairly easy to plant them in a greenhouse on a sunny hill or in a shady spot.

For a bit of help with sowing saffron – and, more importantly, how to care for your fresh-grown saffron plants – check out my sowing guide.

There’s also a great video on growing saffron at home, by the folks at GreenCircles Academy.

You can also check out these tutorials on how to grow saffron, and what ingredients go into growing saffron at home.

If you have saffron stalks on hand to sown – which you should – start by cutting off the stalks. These leaves can be used for garnishes; they can also be used as decoration. As the leaves come out of the stem, let them dry on a paper towel – and you can harvest the saffron directly from the leaf!

Here’s a great video of two people sowing saffron:

In an outdoor greenhouse – or your own kitchen – I like to keep my saffron plants in a spot that has good drainage – and where the air is dry. You can set up a large tray in your basement, or make your own “sewer bucket” hanging from a ceiling fan.

You can harvest a few pounds or even a few dozen saffron plants a

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