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(a) This color is commonly used for making dishes (such as puddings, meringues, scones, biscuits, etc…) and for coating fruit or poultry (poultry saffron is sometimes called ‘doves saffron’). It is not commonly used for anything except the purpose described above. It must be made up in small doses by stirring or cooking with a spice grinder or spice bowl, then it must be added to meals or in cooking.

(b) This white color is the more common color used for making dishes.

(c) It can also be dyed to brown or dark brown.

A list of all available colors is given here. Most are relatively inexpensive. In addition, a number of manufacturers offer an even variety of colors. So, choose wisely!

As mentioned before a number of companies offer the option of adding a small amount (a teaspoon or so) of saffron powder to many dishes and recipes.

The following colors are generally available:

Chervonium. For saffron powders this name is simply saffron, and it is more readily available.

Honey. In most countries this name indicates that it contains no sugar, and the product may be made with a less-than-saffron-rich mixture.

Aldea. Similar to Chervonium, it is not available in most countries.

Amethyst. Another name for saffron.

Hematite. Some sources say that it contains no sugar (which might surprise many Americans).

Chrysanthemum. Generally used, it tends to have a slight mousy appearance and is often used in saffron-coated foods, and it appears to be a good emollient and may also be used in its uncoated form.

Honey. In many countries, this name indicates that it contains no sugar.

Some saffron powders also contain “sugar” (typically in the form of corn sugar or corn starch). Generally such mixes are labeled “glucose-sugar” or sometimes they include some other starch.

The following table gives a general indication of which products may contain what types of ingredients and is in general acceptable:

The following list provides some details about some of the available colors. It is not exhaustive. You may want to ask your local suppliers for their information.

Saffron, an Autumn Harvest - CROP linen
The following table gives an

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