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There are many ways to grow your own saffron and they range from just making a bit of stuff out of saffron or collecting it from your own plants, to making a concentrated powder and then making small capsules.

So I did all that but when I found the seeds, I still didn’t know how they would grow.

This is what I found:

After my experiment, I knew that I needed more.

I decided to start growing for myself.

I went straight to the internet and discovered that if you are looking for a growing guide on how to grow saffron in India, here’s the link: How to grow saffron in India

I took a chance and used one of the seeds that was grown by this person in India to start experimenting with different ways to grow saffron.

How to grow saffron in India

I learned from many people from different parts of India whether you have to use specific soil conditions, how to water properly, you have to make sure that it’s a fertile place for saffron, how to grow flowers, how to grow your own saffron plants.

And so, I began experimenting with my own way of growing saffron in India.

After a couple months of experimenting I had the seeds I needed for a starting saffron plant. I planted seeds in my garden and waited.

I waited a few weeks and then a few months more and then I began my first saffron-growing experiment.

The first year was good, but the second was not as good.

It took some time and some seeds to grow up to the first growth phase.

I kept learning and getting more and more results.

In my very first experiment, I had only seen saffron leaves in my kitchen.

I started seeing more and more and realized that I could grow saffron in my kitchen!

And I did for many many months.

But after my second year of experimenting, I went back to the source (the internet)!

Then I learned the most amazing, helpful recipe from one of my favorite food bloggers and it all came together in one shot!!!

I made a great, easy and tasty, homemade cream sauce that I use to add to anything in my pantry or fridge that needs saffron. I’m going to share the cream sauce recipe with you!


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