How long does it take saffron to grow from seed? – Saffron Bulbs Planting Time

Here’s a quick and dirty answer.

How long do I need to wait before I can harvest saffron?

The length of time from your order receipt or order confirmation to harvest and wear off is based on the number of leaves on the plant and your growing situation and will depend on the climate and environmental conditions.

If your outdoor plant is very high above ground then you probably won’t need any special treatment. If you are growing in a shady spot with trees nearby and the wind blows from all directions making sowing difficult or impossible then it will take more time.

If you are in a very dry spot but your sun is shining and the winds are not blowing, you can wait until winter comes to sow. Once you have purchased your saffron and made it to the field you will need to wait about a month before harvesting your herb plants again.

What conditions do I need to grow saffron?

For the optimum growing conditions saffron grows well in almost every place from sandy areas to sandy or pebbly soils.

It is an excellent choice in all light soils and in the sun and shade in wet sandy areas although in a desert landscape it might not be optimal.

It can grow in almost any type of airy or well drained place with deep and rich soils. In a desert environment it should not survive. The best soils for saffron in the desert or at high altitudes are sandy or pebbly soils with a mix of very fine and moderate particle size, or with fine and high particle size, fine, medium, and coarse.

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A soil type called sandy clay which is found in a few places in California but not very often is usually the best for saffron growth. It combines fine and medium particle size and fine medium so it does not contain very large particles.

If you are growing desert shrubs you may have to grow saffron in a very windy or very cold environment. The plants will not be able to develop and it will not survive the cold temperatures.

A good growing area for saffron would probably be in a sandy soil with coarse, medium, and fine particles. This can also be worked very effectively under a very sunny sun with a mix of very fine particles and medium particles that is often called mulch that is often very dry and also contains some coarse clay that allows it to be grown in a sandy soil, but for desert locations or areas with a poor soil it might

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