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From all around the world, the best saffron comes from one of the eight traditional varities of saffron. It’s rare in the commercial market because it’s typically grown only in the Himalayas.

While most of the world’s saffron grows in a single valley or region in India, other regions are becoming more intensive in its extraction. That’s where the most intense varietals come from. The traditional varietals grow in the Himalayas and are harvested every winter from small, tightly packed bushes called “khyber” which are cultivated by hundreds of thousands of small farmers. Over time, they ripen to a golden, reddish hue and are harvested for two reasons: they are rich in the medicinal properties of saffron and in their ability to create a deep, soothing aroma when rubbed over the body and as a spice.

What is the lowest quality of saffron? There is no question, it is the most popular strain of saffron. It’s grown in several parts of North Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Yemen. This variety was grown for centuries as a highly prized herb and, once again, its cultivation and consumption are closely controlled to stop its adulteration. It is widely used in traditional Muslim medicine, in the form of a tincture, in traditional folk medicine and in the Middle East.

What is the closest cousin of saffron? There is nothing close to the quality of saffron. When it comes to the closest cousin of saffron, our closest friends are the Arabian species of saffron which originated in the Sahara and has been in abundance since at least 1000 B.C. and reached its peak in the Middle East, especially in Morocco and eastern Arabia, but is now not common in much of Europe, even in cities such as London. It goes by many names such as “golden saffron,” “camel’s blood saffron” and “fantasy saffron,” but we will refer to it as “SAF.”

Where does saffron come from? The first saffron was produced in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians came upon a valuable spice that came from a unique plant, called the rhus, a member of a class of plants called “cacti.” Cactus stems have no roots and are hollow inside, with tiny “fungi” that have to be grown to fill them. The plant grows underground and there are several ”

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