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Saffron is said to ripen until June or the middle of July, depending on how much is added and/or how they are processed. Once saffron has completely ripened, it is harvested, and it can remain in the ground for years without any further processing. Saffron is a non-acid food and should not be stored cold. Saffron has also been reported to be more nutritious than blackstrap molasses which it has very little similarities with. For a full discussion, please see How I Cook, How to Choose And Cook Saffron Rice.

Will saffron be edible if eaten out of container?

Yes. Saffron is naturally high in Vitamin C as well as Vitamins A and E. Saffron can be dried or roasted and eaten right off the stalk. Saffron does not contain any carbohydrates or sugars.

Is it advisable to eat saffron as an ingredient during the season?

No, saffron is a good addition to the menu regardless if it is in preparation. But there is a difference between eating saffron for its nutritional and culinary value and eating saffron as a base, for example in a smoothie. All of the saffron in this list is raw, so you can make sure your taste buds are not overwhelmed.

I found this recipe helpful so far:

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